lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolecents - 1978

Jak Airport Guitar
Paul Dean Bass
B.P. Hurding Drums
Falcon Stuart Producer
Poly Styrene Vocals

01 art-i-ficial
02 obsessed with you
03 warrior in woolworths
04 lets submerge
05 i cant do anything
06 identity
07 genetic engineering
08 i live off you
09 i am a poseur
10 germ free adolescents
11 plastic bag
12 the day the world turned day-glo
13 oh bondage up yours (bonus track)
14 i am a cliche (bonus track)
15 highly inflammable (bonus track)
16 age (bonus track)
17 genetic engineering (peel sessions)
18 art-i-ficial (peel sessions)
19 i am a poseur (peel sessions)
20 identity (peel sessions)
21 germ free adolescents (peel sessions)
22 warrior in wolworths (peel sessions)
23 age (peel sessions)

Todas las conciones son de Poly Styrene

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