sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010

The Yellow Ballon - The Yellow Ballon - 1968

01- How can i be down
02- Stained glass window
03- Baby baby it's you
04- Panama red
05- I've got a feeling for love
06- Yellow balloon
07- Good feelin' time
08- Follow the sunshine
09- Springtime girl
10- Can't get enough of your love
11- Junk maker shoppe
12- Noollab wolley
13- The children of St. Monica
14- A good man to have around the house
15- Impressions with syvonne
16- Leaving it up to you
17- Can't get enough of your love (single version)
18- Follow the sunshine (alternative mono mix)
19- How can i be down (demo version)
20- Gary Zekley interview

1 comentario:

Barbara Ann dijo...

Un LP estupendo, no los conocía, auténtico pop sin gazmoñerías como se hace ahora. Muy recomendable, un gran aporte, gracias!!! :-)

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